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Machine Learning Engineer
 at Bell
Tianhao Wu is a Machine Learning Engineer and Data Scientist with solid skills in the field of Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and IT. His fresh experienced industry eyes on what is relevant to the jobs his students are applying for allow the students to effectively prepare interviews in limited time frames. With his experiences in hiring processes, interview skills, technical requirements and job markets, Tianhao has successfully…
Senior Data Scientist
 at ALDO Group
Sarav has 6+ years of experience as a Business Consultant delivering actionable insights and growth strategies for companies across industries such as Retail, Healthcare, and Financial Services. Sarav found his passion in data science and successfully switched his career to the Retail Industry working as a Data Scientist at ALDO Group. Sarav owns and leads data science and advanced analytic projects in areas such as CRM, Store Ops, Product…
Campaign Management Consultant
 at RBC
Campaign Management Consultant at RBC. A seasoned CRM professional/senior business consultant, with over 10 years experience in banking and insurance industry, specialized in marketing campaign design and execution, marketing analytics, digital analytics and predictive modeling. His clients include RBC, Scotia Bank, CIBC, Aviva Canada. He has established a superior reputation among business partners and leaders of all client organizations and excels in business communication and relationship management….
Senior Performance Analyst
Nicole Shen has a Bachelor degree in BBA-Accounting. After working as an accountant for 2 years, Nicole found his passion in data analytics and business intelligence and successfully switched her career to telecommunication industry working as a Senior Performance Analyst-Campaign data at Telus. Nicole has experience in all phases of campaign management: ideation, planning, targeting, list generation, measurement, and recommendation. Nicole loves to share her career switching experience and…
Manager, Campaign Design and Execution
 at RBC
Katelyn Liu has a bachelor’s degree in Applied Science and Engineering. With 4 years of experience in manufacturing industry and analytics, she made a switch to the banking industry to get more exposure of consumer database. Currently she works as Campaign Design and Execution Manager at RBC. As part of the overall CRM team, she has been working to design and execute campaigns to optimize execution efficiency as well…
Senior Manager, Strategy & Agility Enablement
 at RBC
Jiayang Xu has over 11 years working experience in the banking industry. She has solid analytical, strong interpersonal and communication skills. Jiayang started her career as a campaign analyst that acquired and retained clients through designing data-driven marketing campaigns. After two years, she moved to a senior specialist role that focused on developing and delivering scorecards to measure and track salesforce performance. In 2014, Jiayang joined a newly founded…
Campaign Design & Execution Manager
 at RBC
I have 20 years Database Marketing experience in Banking/Insurance/Telecom/Retail industry. For the last ten years I have been working as a Direct Marketing Campaign Manager at RBC. I hold a Master’s Degree of E-Commerce from Dalhousie University.I have been participating mentoring program for about 5 years, and I helped a number of young people finding their first Data Analyst job. I know what it is like to be a…
Data Scientist
 at Canaccede Financial Group
Bach Pham has a Master’s degree in Geosciences and had previously worked as an Environmental Scientist for 3 years. Afterwards, he decided to pivot his career to Data Science/Analytics because he found his passion in the field and the values it brings to businesses. With the help of WeCareer, he made a successful transition to a Data Scientist role at Canaccede Financial Group, a receivables service company that leverages…
Data Engineer
 at Meta
Fan Zhang has a Mathematics degree from the University of Waterloo and he has a Data Analytics Master’s degree from Ivey Business School. He would consider himself as a mentor who not only knows the technical part but also knows how to apply them to a real business scenario. Fan was in Bell Canada for 4 years, and worked his way out from a Hadoop analyst contractor role to a…
Senior Software Developer
 at IBM
Cheng Qian has a Master’s degree in statistics. He’s currently with IBM as a machinelearning engineer for conversational language understanding team under WatsonAssistant, working on NLP algorithms. Before that, Cheng has spent 5 years at financialinstitutions(RBC, CIBC, BNS) as a data scientist. He loves to sharing this experiencewith mentees about career, and machine learning and coding in general!…
CEM Data Analyst
 at The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail logo (CNW Group/The Globe and Mail)
Andy has a Master’s degree in Data Science and Analytics, achieved AWS certified Solutions Architect. Andy currently works as a Customer Engagement Data Analyst at the Globe and Mail. Through out his career, he delivered and implemented multiple business solutions through machine learning, data visualization and database design in digital media, retail and technology industries. Andy is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience in the data field. His…

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