Jiayang Xu
Senior Manager, Strategy & Agility Enablement at
BI Analyst
Business Analyst
Data Analyst
Information Technology
Customer Acquisition Models
Customer Segmentation
Database and Data Warehouse
Product Analytics
Sales Analytics
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Jiayang Xu has over 11 years working experience in the banking industry. She has solid analytical, strong interpersonal and communication skills. Jiayang started her career as a campaign analyst that acquired and retained clients through designing data-driven marketing campaigns. After two years, she moved to a senior specialist role that focused on developing and delivering scorecards to measure and track salesforce performance. In 2014, Jiayang joined a newly founded team in the largest bank in Canada. Within her first 3 months, she faced creating data tapes from scratch for various internal and external stakeholders. Jiayang quickly adapted to the deal mode, established automated data collection process that enabled the bank to launch its first CMBS deal after financial crisis. Later Jiayang moved to a senior manager role, developed forecasting models for capacity planning and generated customized tools to facilitate managerial decision-making. Jiayang currently works for a senior executive and is in charge of development and implementation of business agility practices across the group. She also works with the leadership team to develop, execute strategy and prioritize work initiatives. Jiayang is passionate about mentoring and inspiring others in achieving their career goals. She is a true authentic mentor who puts mentee first.

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