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WeCareer App

We encourage you to test the preview features of WeCareer App that focus on the pain points that have always been there, long ignored, never resolved throughout the job search process. They will supercharge your creative productivity and enable you to do the right things, the right way, and fast

Mentorship Tracker

Break down a seemingly impossible project into milestones and tasks, so you do the right things the right way with laser focus, mentors unblock you when you are blocked, provide actionable feedback to your work-in-progress and deliverable

As a mentee, I want to visualize a growth timeline, so that I feel confident that a course of small actions will lead to big success.

Instant Messages

An important engagement tool, available-if-you-need-it chat function to replace Slack, type 1+ name/email to initiate a conversation, or add 1+ name/email to an existing conversation and all users (old and new) share same conversation history, send and receive messages, attach files, search and filter conversations, pay attention to new message notifications

Interview Practice

The mentor searches WeCareer curated questions bank, shortlists high probability questions to create a mock interview. The mentee practices, records and submits one-way interview audio/video in front of an animated interviewer, mentor review audio/video and provide 5-star ratings and actionable feedback.

As a mentee, I want to practice interview in a safe environment, so that I can learn fast and improve fast.

Job Tracker

Save jobs from popular job sites, filter jobs by keyword, sort jobs by date, group jobs by status, analyze a job, highlight keywords, research a company, store contacts, add speaker notes, set follow-up reminders.

This comes with a Chrome extension to make savin job

As a mentee, I want to track the jobs applied and conversion through the funnel so that I know which status to focus on to maximize my chances.


Exclusive Job Board

WeCareer, through its trusted alumni network, refers mentees to hiring managers, mitigates the risk of mentees being screened out by HR or Applicant Tracking System (ATS), so you compete with ~3 instead of ~300 candidates

Curated Learning Paths

WeCareer researchers curate best learning resources – courses, blogs, explainer videos – from Internet and sequence them into progressive learning paths. Mentors search and assign learning resources to mentees to close skills gap.

Job Search Toolbox

Tried and tested job search queries, job analysis samples, resume templates, portfolio templates, communication templates, sample resume bullets, sample interview stories.

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