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Data Scientist
 at Shopify
Nidhi has 4+ years of experience as a Data Scientist in different sectors of industry – finance, insurance, aviation etc. She holds a master’s degree in software engineering specialized in Data Science. She started her career as a Technology Associate at Morgan Stanley where she improved capacity management by getting 95% accuracy after getting her hands dirty on time series related, NLP and deep learning related projects. After a…
Business Consultant & Senior Business Analyst
Jammy is a certified PMP, CBAP and PMI-ACP. A seasoned software development/senior business analysis lead/project management consultant, with over 10 yearsprogressive, global project experiences in the world’s leading international banks’ CapitalMarkets and Treasury areas. His clients include HSBC, TD, Scotiabank, BMO, CIBC….
Manager of Clearing/Exchange Operations
 at FOSE Group Holdings Inc.
Huei Yeo has worked as a Financial Analyst in Scotiabank for 5 years, before moving on to a hybrid of Business Analyst/Project Management position. Huei is passionate about scraping and analyzing data in order to understand them better. With her knowledge in the Global Equity world, she is able to lead the technology team in Scotiabank to architect the General Ledger system flow which helped front, middle and back…
Data Science and Analytics Manager
 at PayBright
A passionate Data Scientist at PayBright, PCF, Telus, Sears Canada. Bachelor of Statistics from University of Campinas, Brazil. Data Analytics, Big Data, Predictive Analytics at Ryerson University. 8 years of experience in multiple industries banking, telecom, retail, technology. Specialized in digital analytics….
Data Science Manager, Revenue & Modeling
 at Edgewell Personal Care
Edgewell Personal Care
Leno has a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering, and an MBA in Finance. He also holds an Advanced Diploma in Data Science. A seasoned professional, Leno has 5 years of experience in data analytics, business intelligence, business strategy, risk analysis and market research. Earlier in his career, Leno was a Business Analyst where he managed projects for clients from a range of industries, such as IT, finance, pharma, industrials, and…
Data Analyst
 at DNE Resources
DNE Resources
Karthik is an accomplished professional with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a PMP Certification. After managing projects for more than 10 years, Karthik found his passion in applied data science. He pursued an Advanced Diploma in Data Science and successfully promoted his career as a Data Analyst and BI developer. His expertise is in Energy, Manufacturing, Banking and IT. Karthik has the experience of managing projects, Salesforce…
Business System Analyst
 at The Stars Group
The Star Group
Elvis has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering. After in-depth exploration on career path of chemical engineering, Elvis found his passion in business and data analysis, and successfully switched his career to an online gaming industry working as a Business System Analyst at PokerStars (a brand of Flutter International). He has delivered a high-impact technology upgrade project resulting in improved player satisfaction and is working on gaming data…
Data Scientist
 at Bell
Carol Ye has been working with data related roles for more than 8 years and she became a Data Scientist at Bell in early 2019. Carol has experience creating end to end data pipeline for machine learning models by Kubernetes and deliver award-winning BI solutions….
Software Consultant
 at Intangent
Travis Lu has earned his Bachelor’s Degree in STEM from University of Toronto. With a keen interest in bridging business and technology, Travis found his passion in software/business consultancy and started his career in SPM industry currently working as a business consultant at Innovyne Technologies. He has delivered high quality clientexperience and SPM solutions on Varicent/SAP platform to help clients with their business struggle from various industries. Travis loves…
Machine Learning Engineer
 at Bell
Tianhao Wu is a Machine Learning Engineer and Data Scientist with solid skills in the field of Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and IT. His fresh experienced industry eyes on what is relevant to the jobs his students are applying for allow the students to effectively prepare interviews in limited time frames. With his experiences in hiring processes, interview skills, technical requirements and job markets, Tianhao has successfully…
Senior Data Scientist
 at ALDO Group
Sarav has 6+ years of experience as a Business Consultant delivering actionable insights and growth strategies for companies across industries such as Retail, Healthcare, and Financial Services. Sarav found his passion in data science and successfully switched his career to the Retail Industry working as a Data Scientist at ALDO Group. Sarav owns and leads data science and advanced analytic projects in areas such as CRM, Store Ops, Product…
Campaign Management Consultant
 at RBC
Campaign Management Consultant at RBC. A seasoned CRM professional/senior business consultant, with over 10 years experience in banking and insurance industry, specialized in marketing campaign design and execution, marketing analytics, digital analytics and predictive modeling. His clients include RBC, Scotia Bank, CIBC, Aviva Canada. He has established a superior reputation among business partners and leaders of all client organizations and excels in business communication and relationship management….

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