Christine Song
Consultant at
 Vena Solutions
Data Analyst
ETL/ELT Concepts
Power BI
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Christine has a Master’s degree in International Business and a Bachelor degree in Management. She has 4 years of work experience with great exposure to finance and tech industry. Christine started her career in the financial industry working as an Associate in CIBC Private Wealth Management, before successfully switching into a technical role – Senior Business Analyst in Global Wholesale & Risk Technology department at Scotiabank, and is now working at Vena Solutions as a Consultant.

Christine was able to leverage her transferrable skills and quickly acquire new skills to successfully transition into the industry and roles that she is interested. She loves engaging and helping others, especially those who are trying to make a change in their career and help them land their dream jobs. Christine understands what they are going through and has a lot of tips to share on skills strengthening, resume building, interview preparation and networking. She will assist the mentees to be their best selves and create their own success stories!

Career Positioning

Find your sweet spot where passion, talent and money converge, start with a role in an industry

Resume Building

Recommend bullets based on role and industry for 4 blocks (summary + skills + projects + experience)

Job Searching & Analysis

Find the right number of quality jobs matching your search, and save them into the job tracker

Job Networking & Referral

Get referred directly to hiring managers and compete with 3 candidates instead of 300

Interview Scripting

Predict the right questions and design the conversation with compelling stories

Interview Practicing

Get used to the pressure through intensive mock interviews, provide actionable feedback, help mentees reach peak performance

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