James Lu
Campaign Design & Execution Manager at
Data Analyst
A/B Testing
Churn Modeling
Customer Acquisition Models
Customer Segmentation
Digital Analytics
Insurance Models
Lifetime Value Prediction
Product Analytics
Sales Analytics
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I have 20 years Database Marketing experience in Banking/Insurance/Telecom/Retail industry. For the last ten years I have been working as a Direct Marketing Campaign Manager at RBC. I hold a Master’s Degree of E-Commerce from Dalhousie University.
I have been participating mentoring program for about 5 years, and I helped a number of young people finding their first Data Analyst job. I know what it is like to be a new grad searching the first professional job, and I would like to help my mentees to be successful.

Career Positioning

Find your sweet spot where passion, talent and money converge, start with a role in an industry

Testing & Certification

Practice live coding with laser focus, keep warm on visualization and storytelling

Resume Building

Recommend bullets based on role and industry for 4 blocks (summary + skills + projects + experience)

Portfolio Building

A collection of 3-6 projects, each has 5 blocks (overview + objective + KPIs + data model + dashboard)

Job Searching & Analysis

Find the right number of quality jobs matching your search, and save them into the job tracker

Job Networking & Referral

Get referred directly to hiring managers and compete with 3 candidates instead of 300

Interview Scripting

Predict the right questions and design the conversation with compelling stories

Interview Practicing

Get used to the pressure through intensive mock interviews, provide actionable feedback, help mentees reach peak performance

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