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Thanks to the WeCareer network of mentors, I was able to receive opportunities that weren’t available on internet channels.

-Arjun Darbha-
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Christine Song
I eventually got 4 offers within 3 months that are Data Analytics and Business Intelligence related and chose the senior Technical Business Analyst role. I now spend most of my 8 hours doing things that I enjoy.
Client Associate
Senior Business Analyst
Candy Wang
Put in the time. Nothing can replace practice. It takes five mock interviews to move the needle. Confidence comes from rehearsing, repetition and feeling good about your chances. When you feel prepared, you look confident. What’s on the inside shows on the outside.
Credit Analyst
Senior Analyst Client Insights & Analytics
Arjun Darbha
Thanks to the WeCareer network of mentors, I was able to receive opportunities that weren’t available on internet channels.
Data Scientist
Data Scientist
EatSleepRIDE Motorcycle GPS
Connie Chen
Even though authenticity brings vulnerability, the boss may not agree with you, the recruiter may not invite you to an interview, your “dream job” may be offered to others, but authenticity attracts people who appreciate you.
Reporting Analyst


We are dedicated to preparing and empowering the next generation in data by solving the real-world challenges of the industry. The hardest challenge? Landing your dream job.

We guarantee to find you a job and will keep working with you until you do, at no extra cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WeCareer uses a careful and thorough vetting process to accept only 8% applicants to ensure the highest quality.

Depending on Mentees’ needs, WeCareer mentors provide part or full services to help mentees with:

  1. Career Positioning
  2. Testing & Certification
  3. Resume Building
  4. Portfolio Building
  5. Job Searching & Analysis
  6. Job Networking & Referral
  7. Interview Scripting
  8. Interview Practicing

Income Share Agreement (ISA) is an agreement between you and the mentor. The mentor invests in your earning prospects: provides you with career services, develops your employability skills, on the condition that you agree to pay a share of your future income as the mentorship fee.

For illustration purpose, assuming the mentor helps you land an offer that pays $60,000 (>$55,000). The mentorship fee plus tax is: $60,000 x 14% x 1.13 = $9,492, to be paid by 4 instalments of $2,373 in 4 consecutive months after the start date.

Every mentorship is unique, successful mentorships share some characteristics: mutual respect, a two-way professional relationship, both parties are invested in mentee’s success, personal connection, look for similarities in beliefs and values, shared passion, educational background, career path, hometown, communication and listening, constructive feedback and active listening, realistic expectations, agree on realistic expectations for outcomes of relationship, look for similarities, commit to the process, set goals, build trust through personal connection, establish a communication cadence.

Tips and tricks relevant to work and workflow, gold nugget of inside information, immediate feedback, heartfelt support.

You know you are selling and the product is you. You need to become super competitive and super expressive. Mentors brings out the best in Mentees. Mentors have insider information about the employer unavailable to the public. Mentors hold you accountable and accelerate learning and improvement. Good Mentors are hard to find.