Rohaan Zuberi

Warranty Supervisor
Business Insight Analyst
@ Air Canada

As a professional working with aviation data and creating business cases, it was essential for me to be an efficient data storyteller. With an urge to get better I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Applied Business Analytics. Upon graduation, I was a nomad seeking an opportunity to apply my experience and newly developed skills.
Like every graduate, I applied to hundreds of jobs and I often found myself demotivated by receiving emails with the message “We have decided to proceed with other applicants who more closely fit our needs at this time.”
I did not let this make me lose sight of my goal as I continued taking online courses and attending virtual meetups to expand my knowledge and network.
Eric discussed WeCareer’s mentorship program during one of these virtual meetups, which I attended. I became engrossed right away since I felt this was the ideal platform for me to learn from industry experts and accelerate my transition into a business intelligence role.
Reflecting upon my prior experience, I was confident that I could solve problems and leverage data to contribute to the business strategies. I lacked guidance from an industry expert, and this is where WeCareer would fill the gap. WeCareer did an excellent job of comprehending my background, the skills I bring to the table, and helping me work with a mentor who would be the most ideal person to help me as I work toward my career goals.
The mentorship program required commitment, honesty and an intrinsic desire to achieve the goals. Through the mentorship program, I worked on numerous resume revisions, interview preparation and identifying the right skillset that would be best suited to the industry demands. Within a month of mentorship, I managed to land a job offer from a data-driven team that required my skills.
My advice to professionals transitioning into data-based roles is to be accountable and honest about your limitations as this will allow you to focus on spending time developing the right skills. Most importantly, be positive. The world of data is constantly evolving, and as companies look to make sense of their data, your skills are what they seek. The mentors at WeCareer are there to help you brand yourself as the ideal candidate to land your dream data role.

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