How to walk through a project in an interview?

Q: Walk me through a project? What was your contribution? What was the outcome?

A: I did a real project for MealZoom, a food delivery service with 9 items on the menu and $1 million annual sales. I collected and cleaned 5 months of transaction data. I designed and built a good dataset to make sales reporting easy. I tried different transforms and selected 5 KPIs to measure sales performance. I found 87% of total sales came from “dinner” items. Yet two low priced “drinks” – Herbal Grass Jelly Drink and Red Bean & Taro Slush had the lowest revenue but the highest re-order rate at 7-10x. The business owner was surprised by this finding, saying he was about to take the two drinks off the menu. I said you no you should do the opposite. The two drinks are the reason you get repeat customers. You should run promotions based on the two drinks to drive sales and compete with UberEats and Foodora.

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