Shaan Khosla
Data Scientist at
AI Engineer
Data Scientist
ML Engineer
Information Technology
Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure, GCP)
Data Ingestion (Pub/Sub, Kafka, Kinesis)
Data Lake (Hadoop, Hive)
Deep Learning (CV, NLP)
Distributed Frameworks (Mapreduce, Spark)
Machine Learning (MLOps)
Recommender Systems
Web Applications: Python Stack (Django, Flask)
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Data Scientist with hands-on experience researching, designing, developing, and deploying innovative machine learning models and algorithms from scratch. Motivated Self-starter and Analytical Leader with a passion for Natural Language Processing focused on working with cross-functional teams to build cutting-edge solutions that drive strategic decision-making & maximize revenue growth.

Career Positioning

Find your sweet spot where passion, talent and money converge, start with a role in an industry

Testing & Certification

Practice live coding with laser focus, keep warm on visualization and storytelling

Resume Building

Recommend bullets based on role and industry for 4 blocks (summary + skills + projects + experience)

Portfolio Building

A collection of 3-6 projects, each has 5 blocks (overview + objective + KPIs + data model + dashboard)

Job Searching & Analysis

Find the right number of quality jobs matching your search, and save them into the job tracker

Job Networking & Referral

Get referred directly to hiring managers and compete with 3 candidates instead of 300

Interview Scripting

Predict the right questions and design the conversation with compelling stories

Interview Practicing

Get used to the pressure through intensive mock interviews, provide actionable feedback, help mentees reach peak performance

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